Assignment 7 Speedy Badge

Speedy Badge Elena Carretta, Ilaria Cavestro, Azzurra Carraro, Matteo Antulov

Friends, if you can’t hear the audio track you must know that it is one of the last masterpieces of the American band Vampire Weekend: A Punk!!

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Our “best story ever” is based on a fact that truly happened, and that is really kind of strange, and funny.


Last winter, during the Christmas holidays, we went to Padua’s shopping center “Le Brentelle” with our friend Sara, ‘cause we wanted to buy some Christmas presents.  The day of (compulsive :P) non-stop shopping destroyed us, but we were sooo happy with all those nice purchases in our hands! We went to the parking and we headed to the car, dreaming about the delicious chinese dinner that was waiting for us. Sara was thinking about other stuff (“ which dress should I choose for new year’s eve???” you know, such a difficult and challenging decision for a woman….:D) and, going on to think about that, she opened the car’s door (we were at the shopping mall with Azzurra’s car, a black Fiat Punto), and then, still going on to think… she noticed that, at the driver’s seat, there wasn’t Azzurra, but a young stranger (mmm good looking anyway :P) with an astonishment expression painted on the face. She was obviously sitting in the wrong car! Sara, embarrassed but amused, came back to us with lot of laughs, and a dinner invitation from the nice guy. That time, laughing, we weren’t even able to imagine the end of this story: today, they’re happily engaged! (It’s what we usually mean with “happy ending”, isn’t it?!) 😉


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“BENVENUTI AL SUD” (Italy, 2010)

This movie faces one of Italy’s most common topics: the endless “conflict” between “polentoni” (people living in North Italy) and “terroni” (people living in South Italy)!
A post office’s clerk, who lives in Milan, is forced to move to the post office of a small town near Naples, as a punishment for pretending to be a disabled person and, as a consequence, for taking advantage of every benefit that is usually given to these unfortunate people. Once received the sad news, he feels totally depressed, and he should also stand his wife’s outbursts: the idea of her husband moving to South Italy makes her completely crazy!
But the early sense of detachment turns soon to true sympathy and attachment towards Naples’ local people: all the prejudices and stereotypes that the clerk has in his mind are soon denied; he feels so touched by the sunset on the beach that Milan’s fog becomes just a distant memory.
The only person that cannot take part in this beautiful landscape is the wife, because she’s still in the grey Milan. But then, worried for her husband’s health, she decides to move to South Italy: obviously the southern charm affects the woman and she finally decides to support her husband’s work commitment.
This movie wants to tell us that South Italy shouldn’t be known just for common words like “pizza” and “mafia”, but also for its breathtaking landscapes and for its warm-hearted people.
In Italy, we use to say that a person who goes to Naples cries two times: once when he arrives, and once when he should leave. So, people should try and enjoy this!

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“Rome, 15th October: When mass media create stereotypes, instead of giving true information”
Last Sunday, more than 500.000 people went to the capital for their pacific protest: these indignates wanted to demonstrate against economical and political corruption and unfairness. But what did television show? Just a few people (called Black Bloc) breaking windows and setting fire to cars, and a pacific demonstration transformed in a big big mess. Television and other mass media created a stereotype: if you ask anyone now about protesters, they will surely tell you “oh, those people who break windows, attack police and set fire to cars??”. But this is completely different from the truth: pacific protesters were more than 500.000, Black Bloc were no more than 100 people: so why should people think that every person who protests is a sort of beast? In this case, thanks to bad stereotypes created by mass media.….

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